This show was wonderful. We made a ton of great leads and booked business that day! And, as a vendor, I've never been treated so nicely!                                      Anthony C., Exhibitor

The after-show reception was such a great idea! It not only gave us some time to relax, we also had a chance to network with other vendors.                              Kim M.,   Exhibitor

One of the fantastic things about this show is that we get to meet with different businesses. It seems like it's always the same vendors at every show. This was a refreshing change, and I will continue to attend every one. Being an Event Coordinator for a large corporation, we are always seeking new ideas...this show provides that!                                                                             Linda J, Attendee

You are great host. You are very welcoming, and accommodating. The layout for all vendors was great. There was a good variety of vendors.                                      Rich K. - Exhibitor

 I also loved the fact that you went around to the vendors and made sure everything was perfect.  It really showed that you appreciated every vendor that was there. That was a great thing too!      S.K. - Exhibitor

The show was great! There was a nice variety of vendors and not the ones we see everywhere.  The fact that some of the proceeds goes to a charity helping kids with cancer is amazing!  Thank you!        Robin,  Attendee